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Studio Newborn, Infant and Toddler Photography at Kari Douma Photography in Grandville

Newborn Studio Photography

We love babies! We realize everyone says that, but it’s really true for us! Our babies are all grown up now, ages 13-23. Therefore, when we have babies come in to the studio, we put all our years of motherhood to the test. We make sure you and your little one feel comfortable, so we can create those precious portraits you will treasure forever. So when you look back and wonder how those years went by so quickly, you’ll have beautiful portraits to help you remember these fleeting days.

We’ve seen every personality possible! Sweet smiley babies, even colic-y newborns that cry. So far we’ve never met a newborn that we can’t calm and cradle to sleep. Are looking for a nice, quiet studio, one where you’ll have time to sit down and unwind on a comfy couch? If so, we’re the studio for you! We’ll cuddle your baby until they’re relaxed and ready for us to create beautiful photos!

Newborn Photography

We have lots of options from full newborn sessions (2 hours) to a quick Wacky Wednesday 20 minute session to capture those older baby and toddler smiles. We also have a Bebe Premiere Plan which includes 4 sessions for baby’s first year. Newborn, 4m, 8m and 1 yr sessions, including extra discounts and bonus gifts! You can contact for more details. See more of the cute babies we’ve photographed this year by watching a slideshow here.

We love to watch babies grow over the years right in front of our eyes (and camera) as we photograph each of their birthdays after the first! There’s no greater joy for us than to document the years as each family grows. A few we’ve even photographed from birth to high school graduation!

Newborn Photography

We know there are lots of you out there looking for a studio in the Grand Rapids or Grandville area. Search no longer, we’re here and ready to photograph your newborn, infant, toddler or older child! We would love to meet you and get to know you, and we’d be honored to tell the story of your child. We’re booking indoor or outdoor sessions for summer now, so contact us today 616.437.5603

Family and Newborn Sessions… Welcome Babies Max and Isaac!

Eizans Family


We are were so excited to photograph two of our favorite “growing” families this winter! We are thrilled when a family we’ve photographed over the years calls to let us know they will be welcoming a new baby! When we schedule a newborn/family session, we like to allow lots of time, especially if there are siblings we’re going to photograph too. We want to make sure mom and baby are calm and comfortable, and brothers and sisters have time to re-acclimate to our studio before we get out the camera and our lights start flashing.

We think the most important part of building a relationship with a family is making sure you can trust us, not just to document the milestones, but to create the best experience we can for you to have your new baby photographed. We want you to be happy with the entire session, not just the end results (so you’ll want to keep coming to see us over the years as your family grows). We look forward to seeing you and your children, because you allow us to be part of some of the most intimate and precious moments of your new baby’s life… we also strive to be a place your kids are excited to go when it’s time for a new family portrait!

You want your photographer to capture the precious moments between the people you love the most in this world, and we take that job seriously. We cherish the relationships we’ve built over the past 10 years with the families we’ve been trusted to photograph! With each newborn baby, as each family grows over the years, your families become like family to us too. Congratulations to the Eizans Family and the Parniske’s on their beautiful babies! We celebrate with you, and thank you for allowing us to capture these memories for you.

Parniske Family


Welcome to Kari Douma Photography!

Kari and Jayne

Welcome to Kari Douma Photography
If you are just finding our website and blog, we’re happy you’re here! It’s been awhile since we’ve introduced ourselves here on the blog, so we’d like to take a few minutes to tell you who we are and how we choose the profession of Photography! 

Kari’s passion for photography grew from a love of capturing the fleeting moments of her four children growing up, and has since grown into an exciting and successful career! She decided to launch Kari Douma Photography out of her home based studio over 12 years ago, and since then the business has continued to grow! In 2009 she decided to move the studio out of her home, into a professional studio with more space, located in Downtown Grandville, Michigan. We’re located just 7 miles west of Grand Rapids, which is famous for gathering artists from around the world for the annual Art Prize competition, and also known as Beer City for it’s famous Founders Brewing micro-brewery (among many others). West Michigan is also home to the largest freshwater lakes in the world, the Great Lakes… the beautiful, sandy beaches of Lake Michigan are only 20 miles from our studio!

After moving to the new studio, Kari also hired an employee. Kari mentored multiple interns over the years, and in 2009 she decided to hire Jayne (after she completed her one year internship with KDP). Jayne graduated with a minor in Photography from Central Michigan University, and after years of always being the “unofficial photographer” for every family event, she decided to further her education to become a professional photographer (and has felt blessed to work with Kari ever since)! We really enjoy photographing weddings together (people always ask if we’re sisters) and love meeting with new clients to create the custom photography experience and beautiful portraits each one is hoping for!

Over the past decade Kari’s passion for learning and striving for excellence has taken her all over the country learning from the top photographers in the world! She earned her Master of Photography degree in 2012, and her Craftsman’s Degree in 2014. Kari has used her vast knowledge and unique skill to create award winning images that have earned her accolades too numerous to mention (in the categories of portrait, wedding, landscape and commercial). A few of her most recent awards are the ASP District Elite Award (covering 12 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces) as well as being named Michigan Photographer of the Year (2016) as well as Photographer of the Year (2012-2016) by the Professional Photographers of West Michigan. She has also earned many national awards and honors over the years. Kari absolutely loves to compete in Print Competition, and that passion shows through in the portraits she creates for clients also!

More than any award, at Kari Douma Photography we just love people! Part of the reason Kari has earned so much national recognition is due to the amazing clients we have been blessed to photograph over the years! The weddings, newborns, children, families, and seniors we photograph become dear friends, people we grow to love over the years! We can’t explain the joy we feel when a family we’ve photographed for years sends their child off to college with the portraits we’ve created displaying their story along the walls of their home. We’re thrilled when we’re asked to to photograph the wedding a few years later, and then beyond excited to meet and capture the amazing details when they welcome their first baby into the world. There are no words for how abundantly blessed we feel when each family chooses us to record all those precious memories over the years, and we love creating those priceless images that will be cherished for generations to come.

We absolutely love what we do, and we can’t wait to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to call or email Kari to set up a time to meet with us at our Studio… we look forward to getting to know you, and anticipate creating a beautiful photojournalistic story to tell your family’s journey too. You can reach us at our Studio by appointment: 616-437-5603 or email Kari at .


Finding the Best Photographer for Your Family!

Holland Beach Family Photography

Finding the best photographer for your family can be a bit overwhelming… like choosing a pediatrician, or dentist, you want to find a professional who is experienced, friendly, and someone you look forward to seeing (ok, maybe comparing it to the dentist wasn’t the best idea)! It can be overwhelming to take that first step to finding the perfect photographer to create those beautiful images of your family that you will cherish forever. Now, also like the dentist, some people may put off having family portraits taken… you may be waiting for something to be “just perfect” (to lose that 5 lbs, for teenager to get their braces off, etc.) but here’s a tip, it will never be the exact “perfect” time (you can always find an excuse to wait) but you will want to remember your family just the way they are, even if you don’t think so today! To quote Nike, “Just do it!” We promise, when your kids are grown, you will never look back and wish you hadn’t had those photos taken! (We know from experience). So, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you find the right photographer for your family…


1)The Search:

You can easily look at social media sites and your friends homes (virtual walls and actual walls). Almost everyone knows a photographer these days, so begin by looking at your friends professional portraits (either in their home or online) and maybe you’ll find one with a style that fits you and your family. You’ll want portrait art that’s going to look great on your walls, and fits your home decor. Maybe the latest trend in photography isn’t your thing, so look around and find a photographer with a style that speaks to you. You can make notes of images (what you like about them) is the light pleasing, is the image well composed (do you like the crops and edits) does the photographer capture the uniqueness of the family through their images? Check out the photographers website and see if they have complete galleries displayed, or just one or two images from many sessions? You should be able to see an entire session somewhere (either on their website, blog, or social media) posting multiple images from a family session, or a slideshow of a complete session. (Tip: If the photographer doesn’t have a website, be cautious, they may not be running a legitimate business if they only have a social media page or blog).

2)Their Style/Your Style:

Professional photographers generally have a specific style you will see throughout their work, while others change with the trends (or with the clients who hire them). We recommend you look for a photographer whose professional work consistently showcases the style you’re looking for. You’ll also want a professional who’s experienced and comfortable photographing a family, whether it’s just a family of four, or parents with grown kids and dogs, or a large extended family group. (Not all photographers know how to work with large groups). A true professional will know how to instruct their clients to stand/sit in a manner that is flattering, but as you’ll find, some may not. It’s usually obvious by how pleasing the lighting and posing is in the final portrait (trust us, proper lighting and posing make a huge difference!) If you want a beach session, find a photographer who has photographed families at the beach at the right time of the day (for the best light) or with amazing sunsets if that’s the look you’d like. (FYI, not all photographers have the necessary lighting equipment to do this!) Some “professionals” are just people who own a nice camera, and some are Certified Professional Photographers, true professionals that have spent years in training, and have years of experience creating beautiful photographic art.

3) Referrals:
You can ask for referrals from your friends. If you have a friend who has beautiful family portraits, ask them who they hired to photograph their family, and if they would recommend their photographer. Find out what the session was like… was it fun? (It should be!) How did the photographer interact with their children? Was the photographer friendly and outgoing, and were their children comfortable and at ease during the session? If you find a friend with beautiful portraits created by a photographer they love (and have been going to for years) that’s usually a good indication that they are an experienced professional. We think you should not only love your portraits, but also enjoy the photography session experience!

Kari Douma Photography Studio Brothers

Most professional photographers will have a Studio, either in a professional/commercial space, or a private studio set up in their home. If you hire a professional with a studio space, we recommend you make an appointment to meet them, see their work in person, and get an overall feeling for their personality before your session. You’ll want to hire someone you get along with, who is friendly and fun. (We have become wonderful friends with many of the families we have photographed over the years!) Some studios will have only one photographer, while some have many, so that’s important to know before the session. We at Kari Douma Photography do a planning meeting with all new families before their session… we want to meet you in person and get to know your style and what you’re looking for before we photograph you. We give you tips about planning for your session, and clothing suggestions as well as session options and pricing information. If you decide to hire a photographer without a studio space, you may want to find out what the backup plans is in case of poor weather (or if you want to have a session when your baby turns one in December, then what?) Some photographers call themselves “natural light” photographers, which usually means they don’t have access to a studio (or they may not know how to use studio lighting). This is all good to know ahead of time, and information you should be able to find easily on a photographers website, or by calling and asking to set up a time to meet. With so many photographers out there, you should find one you LOVE, not just settle for the one with the best deal.

Grandville Studio Family Newborn Session

5) Options/Investment
Get all the necessary information before you hire a photographer. This can either be done in person at the studio (which is the best option, so you can talk face to face about details, and ask questions) or via email or over the phone. You should see everything in writing… if there’s a miscommunication somewhere you don’t want it to become a “you said ____ on the phone” disagreement. If overall cost is a deciding factor to you, you will want to know what your total investment will be before you start. Most professional photographers will not have their pricing information posted online, and for those that do, it’s best to clarify details in person. (Shopping online pricing can be deceiving as most photographers will have different standards for their sessions and portrait options). Some photographers may seem to be a great deal from the start, but end up being the most expensive in town after you finish ordering everything you wanted. Some may have very low up front fees (little or no session fee) with nothing “included”, while others may have higher up front fees (session that included print credit or digital files) so it’s best to ask those questions ahead of time. A professional will always provide session and pricing information in writing (either at their studio, or via email/PDF etc). If you find someone who seems much less expensive than all the other professionals you’ve found, you may want to ask yourself why. Do they have professional equipment? Do they have a licensed business (and pay taxes) as well as insurance? Are they booking numerous sessions each week (trying to get them all in during the fair weather months) and if so, will they devote the time necessary to to your family session? Will they provide you with proofs in a timely manner? A photographer who owns a professional studio should provide you personalized attention, and understand the time necessary (as well as their expenses involved) when setting up their sessions and portrait pricing. If you find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is!

6) Ask questions! These are some good questions to ask:
How long have you been in business? (Are you insured, etc)
Where is your studio located? Is it family friendly?
Do you regularly photograph families? (Large family groups, if necessary).
What’s included in the session (time, number of proofs)?
Are their different session options?
Is there an order/print credit included?
What are portrait prices/options?
Can I purchase digital images as well as prints? What are the options for poor weather (cancellations or rescheduling)?
What days/times do you schedule sessions? (Time of day is important!)
How long will it be between the session and when I’ll see the proofs?
Will I get to see the images in person at the studio, or will I only see them online?

Summer Beach Family Session

7) Relationship
We think the most important part of finding the right photographer, is building a relationship with a photographer you can trust with documenting the milestones of your family. If you find someone who creates beautiful portrait art for your family, you are going to want to go back to them over the years as your family grows. You’ll want a photographer who remembers you and your children (and knows you all by name). Someone your kids are excited to see when it’s time for a new family portrait! Your photographer is going to capture those precious moments between the people you love the most in this world, and they should be someone you can trust with that important task. We cherish the relationships we’ve built over the past 10 years with the families we’ve been trusted to photograph! It’s such an honor for us to be asked to photograph every wedding day (for siblings) of a large family. When they’re engaged, and we’re one of the first people they call, we feel so blessed to be able continue creating their photographic legacy! When we’re trusted to photograph each newborn baby as a family grows over the years, their families become like family to us. There’s nothing we love more than capturing those priceless moments and creating beautiful portrait art that will last for future generations. We think you should have a photographer who does that for you too!

Written By: Jayne Wirebaugh
Kari Douma Photography
Grandville, Michigan 49418



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