2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography
2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

Because it was a great year for 2018 Senior portraits at Kari Douma Photography! Somehow it felt like we had summer weather for 6 months this year. We did have nearly perfect conditions for lots of outdoor sessions this summer and fall, and now we’ve kicked off winter with lots of snow! (All our seniors who were waiting for a snowy session are certainly happy!)

If you’re a senior who never got around to taking your senior portraits before your yearbook image was due. Don’t worry! Since we still have plenty of time to take some amazing senior portraits before you graduate in the spring! If you love winter, now is the perfect time for you to book a session!

However, if you prefer warmer climates, our cozy warm indoor studio in the heart of Downtown Grandville is perfect for you! When it’s still blustery and blowing snow after the new year arrives, our studio is always a warm and “sunny” 70 degrees all year long! {Call Kari to schedule your session over Christmas vacation while you have time off from school}.

We love to tailor our 2018 Senior Portraits to fit the unique style of every senior we photograph! If you love sports, bring your equipment. Do you love to hunt? Bring your gear! If you’re a gamer, bring in your game system. Do you love chemistry? Bring in your chemistry set. If you’re a special olympics athlete, bring in your hockey skate sled (YES, we’ve done all of these sessions!)

Therefore, you can check out lots of our senior sessions from the past decade on our Facebook page by clicking here or on any of the images. We want you to look back on your senior portraits when you’re 20, 30, 40, and yes even 50 (you will be 50 some day!) and appreciate the great quality portraits you received from Kari Douma Photography.

Which is why we spend lots of time planning and preparing for every senior session. That’s how we can capture what is so unique and special about each senior we photograph. Therefore, we’d love to create amazing senior portraits for you too! Call us today {616.437.5603} to find out more about our customized Senior Sessions at Kari Douma Photography!


2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

2018 Senior Portraits by Kari Douma Photography

Senior Sessions by Kari Douma Photography

Senior Sessions by Kari Douma Photography have been in full swing over the past few months!
Senior Sessions by Kari Douma Photography

Summer and early fall is the best time to book your senior sessions with Kari Douma Photgraphy! When you schedule a session in the summer or early fall months, you allow plenty of time for our pre-session design consultation at our Studio in Downtown Grandville. During this planning meeting, we’ll talk to your senior about their style, hobbies, and what special things they’d like to include in their senior portraits.

After the design consultation, you’ll go home excited and full of anticipation for the session! You can choose downtown, the beach, a park, a private airport, or a specific location that’s special to you. (Art Prize gives us new art to look for downtown every September and October!) Contact us if you have a special spot in mind! We’ll be sure to create unique images of your senior that will capture and express who they are to the world (and friends and family too).

Senior Sessions by Kari Douma Photography

When your images are ready, you’ll come to our studio to view the proofs on our huge 6′ screen! We’ll show you all the images set to music in a slideshow, then help you decide which images you love. (That could be a few favorites, or all of them)! Since we’re a full service portrait studio located at 4044 Chicago Drive in Downtown Grandville. (Near the intersection of Wilson Avenue).  Offering everything from gift prints, to digital files, to custom designed albums and wall galleries. We have something for everyone, and we include professional designs and printing for countless portrait products. Call Kari today if you haven’t booked your senior session yet. There’s still time to get in before winter: 616.437.5603 (Check with your school yearbook for the submission deadline).

Senior Sessions by Kari Douma Photography

Senior Photography

It’s time for senior photography again!  If you have a high school senior for the 2017-2018 school year, it is time to book that senior session!   Late summer and fall is our busiest time of year. Make sure you schedule your session before all the appointments are taken!

We love to photograph seniors and love to showcase their interest and talents.    This is the one time in their life to document who they are as they enter adulthood.   We can either showcase those talents/interests in the studio or at a location that defines your senior’s personality.

If your senior is in a fall sport, you should try to schedule your session before school starts.  Once school starts, your child will be in school during the day,  in practice after school, making it difficult to find time for that senior session.

Kari Douma Photography is a full service studio.  We start with a design consultation meeting to make a plan for your session.  The plan will include locations, clothing options, interested, and what type of products you are interested in.

The day of the session we have a ton of fun capturing your senior’s personality!  After the session we will schedule a time for you to come back into the studio, to view and order from the session.  Here you will view your images on a large projection screen, comparing them, and helping you to select your favorites.  We offer a full range of products from digital files, to books and albums, to wall art and gift prints.

There are sessions to fit every senior’s need.  If you want just a shorter session in the studio or local park, or if you want to go all out and drive all over the city for a few hours, we can accommodate your needs.  Call today to schedule your session.

Grand Rapids Senior PhotographyGrand Rapids Senior Photography

Senior Sessions Downtown Grand Rapids & Grandville

It’s Senior Session Season at Kari Douma Photography and we’ve been busy photographing seniors Downtown Grand Rapids and in our Studio in Downtown Grandville. We’ve had wild weather in West Michigan during the month of September! Hot and humid, and storm clouds threatening rain, so we’ve been especially thankful for our indoor studio (where we can control the climate) in Downtown Grandville!



Isaac came to our studio from Forest Hills Eastern planning for a few fun soccer shots and also some more traditional portraits for the yearbook and his family. At Kari Douma Photography, we like to meet our clients before their session, that way we can find out about you, your interests, hobbies, and also what you’re looking for specifically when it comes to Senior Portraits. We strive to create a customized session, tailored to meet your portrait needs, and also to showcase your personal style and attitude. We don’t just want you to love how you look, we also want you to walk away with stunning portrait art that you and your family will be proud to display for generations!

Some of our seniors come in knowing exactly what they’re looking for… that was the case for Tyler’s session. He was going for a specific look, and we knew we could create that for him in Downtown Grand Rapids (without his portraits looking “like everyone else’s”, which was really important to his mom). We made sure to chose locations for Tyler’s session that we knew would give them the portrait look they were hoping for (lots of textures and interesting backgrounds that weren’t overused, as well as some lush green space, which isn’t always easy to find in the city).

If you’re still trying to decide what to do for Senior portraits this fall (or planning ahead for next spring, it’s always good idea to get a jump start on planning!) we can help you find just the right location to showcase your style! The possibilities are truly endless… we’ve done senior sessions at probably every park you can think of, as well as beaches, downtowns, barns, country fields, small towns, large towns, on top of garages, in pools, ponds, lakes, at schools, at the airport, on fields (baseball, football, soccer) and courts (volleyball, tennis, basketball).

With autumn leaves, winter snow, spring rain, summer sun. Pretty much anything you can think of, we can do it! We love seniors, and we want you to love your senior portrait session too! Call Kari if you’d like more information about booking a senior session for this year, or if you’re planning ahead for next year… we’d love to create a session especially fit for you. You can reach us by phone or email: 616.437.5603 or You can also find us on Facebook: Kari Douma Photography.



Senior Sessions Rural Parks and Gardens

Autumn is a great time of year to plan senior sessions for rural parks and gardens in West Michigan, and Kari Douma Photography would love to create beautiful images for your yearbook, and graduation cards or announcements! Fall colors will be arriving before we know it, and we have a few seniors who are still getting in last minute for their senior portraits before the flowers and green of summer is just a distant memory.

Josie came from Zeeland High School (just a few miles down Chicago Drive from our Studio in Downtown Grandville) for her senior session last month. She knew she wanted her senior portraits in a field with her violin, and she also loves barns, so we knew just where take her (and we had perfect weather too)! We love the images of Josie with her violin… the light that day was especially beautiful for an outdoor session.  Here’s a few of our favorite images of Josie… if you’d like to see more, you can watch the slideshow here or by clicking the image below.


Senior Sessions Rural Parks and Gardens by Kari Douma Photography


Lauren is a senior from South Christian High School. We photographed her senior portraits in August at a local park (that’s still lush and full of green, at least for a few more weeks!) Lauren chose beautiful colors to wear for her senior portraits (that really pop from the background). Choosing great outfits can really make or break your portrait, which is one reason we do planning meetings with all of our seniors before their session! During the planning meeting we talk about all the details of each session before we even start. Thinking about what colors you look great in, that will also work in the portrait surroundings for your session are important things to think about. It can mean the difference between a nice portrait, and one that makes you stand back and say,”WOW, that is stunning”! (We want to create stunning senior portraits for you!) You can call or contact us via email for more information about our portrait sessions: 616.437.5603 or

Senior Sessions Rural Parks and Garden Sessions by Kari Douma Photography


Grand Rapids Senior Sessions: Downtown, Beach & more!

It’s senior season for Grand Rapids area seniors at Kari Douma Photography… Grand Rapids Senior Sessions: Downtown, Beach & more!

Somehow summer always seems to fly by, and before you know it, it’s August and we’re counting down the days until school starts (and for all you seniors, that means your LAST – FIRST DAY of school)! We want to make sure you have a great experience for your senior portraits, so our senior sessions start with a planning meeting at our Studio in Downtown Grandville. We look forward to meeting all our new seniors a few weeks before their session, so we can spend time chatting about location, clothing options, and fun details like what sports, hobbies or activities we’re going to incorporate into your custom session. We like to get to know you before we start snapping photos, so that way when you come back for your session, we already know all the details of exactly what you’re hoping for, and we can spend your session time creating fun and exciting images!


We have a wide range of session options for you… from a quick 30 minute studio session for the senior who knows exactly what they are looking for (which is not lots of locations and outfit changes) to our Ultimate Senior session (which is 3 hours of unlimited locations and outfit changes). For those Seniors who don’t fall in the quick category, or the “I’ve been waiting for this for years, so we are going all out” category, we have the Just About Right session and Indoor/Outdoor session options too. Our goal is to create the perfect photography session that will give each senior the look they’re hoping for, and capturing their unique style and personality, all while having a great time!



Whether you’re thinking of a session at our studio, a local park, downtown Grand Rapids, a local beach along the lakeshore (or anywhere in between) we are confident that we can create a session experience for your senior portraits that will be everything you’re hoping for!

Welcome to Kari Douma Photography!

Kari and Jayne

Welcome to Kari Douma Photography
If you are just finding our website and blog, we’re happy you’re here! It’s been awhile since we’ve introduced ourselves here on the blog, so we’d like to take a few minutes to tell you who we are and how we choose the profession of Photography! 

Kari’s passion for photography grew from a love of capturing the fleeting moments of her four children growing up, and has since grown into an exciting and successful career! She decided to launch Kari Douma Photography out of her home based studio over 12 years ago, and since then the business has continued to grow! In 2009 she decided to move the studio out of her home, into a professional studio with more space, located in Downtown Grandville, Michigan. We’re located just 7 miles west of Grand Rapids, which is famous for gathering artists from around the world for the annual Art Prize competition, and also known as Beer City for it’s famous Founders Brewing micro-brewery (among many others). West Michigan is also home to the largest freshwater lakes in the world, the Great Lakes… the beautiful, sandy beaches of Lake Michigan are only 20 miles from our studio!

After moving to the new studio, Kari also hired an employee. Kari mentored multiple interns over the years, and in 2009 she decided to hire Jayne (after she completed her one year internship with KDP). Jayne graduated with a minor in Photography from Central Michigan University, and after years of always being the “unofficial photographer” for every family event, she decided to further her education to become a professional photographer (and has felt blessed to work with Kari ever since)! We really enjoy photographing weddings together (people always ask if we’re sisters) and love meeting with new clients to create the custom photography experience and beautiful portraits each one is hoping for!

Over the past decade Kari’s passion for learning and striving for excellence has taken her all over the country learning from the top photographers in the world! She earned her Master of Photography degree in 2012, and her Craftsman’s Degree in 2014. Kari has used her vast knowledge and unique skill to create award winning images that have earned her accolades too numerous to mention (in the categories of portrait, wedding, landscape and commercial). A few of her most recent awards are the ASP District Elite Award (covering 12 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces) as well as being named Michigan Photographer of the Year (2016) as well as Photographer of the Year (2012-2016) by the Professional Photographers of West Michigan. She has also earned many national awards and honors over the years. Kari absolutely loves to compete in Print Competition, and that passion shows through in the portraits she creates for clients also!

More than any award, at Kari Douma Photography we just love people! Part of the reason Kari has earned so much national recognition is due to the amazing clients we have been blessed to photograph over the years! The weddings, newborns, children, families, and seniors we photograph become dear friends, people we grow to love over the years! We can’t explain the joy we feel when a family we’ve photographed for years sends their child off to college with the portraits we’ve created displaying their story along the walls of their home. We’re thrilled when we’re asked to to photograph the wedding a few years later, and then beyond excited to meet and capture the amazing details when they welcome their first baby into the world. There are no words for how abundantly blessed we feel when each family chooses us to record all those precious memories over the years, and we love creating those priceless images that will be cherished for generations to come.

We absolutely love what we do, and we can’t wait to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to call or email Kari to set up a time to meet with us at our Studio… we look forward to getting to know you, and anticipate creating a beautiful photojournalistic story to tell your family’s journey too. You can reach us at our Studio by appointment: 616-437-5603 or email Kari at .


Photo Contest ~ Post a Selfie for a chance to Win Free Senior Studio Session!

Photo Contest from Kari Douma Photography!

Photo Contest from Kari Douma Photography!


Photo Contest from Kari Douma Photography! 2016 Seniors Enter to Win a Free Studio Session at Kari Douma Photography! Post your selfie on our instagram or Facebook page on or after March 1st, then make sure all your family and friends vote for you! Whichever photo gets the most votes (“Likes”) by March 10th will WIN the contest AND receive a FREE 30 minute Studio Session in our Downtown Grandville Studio, PLUS a $100 Gift Card.  (Session and Gift card must be redeemed by April 30, 2016. Any images posted before March 1st will be removed. Only one photo entry per person, which will give each entry the best odds for winning!) Grand Rapids Senior Photographer Kari Douma will photograph the FREE 30 minute session in our Studio in Downtown Grandville by appointment during the month of March or April (2016).

Senior Pictures!

It has been a busy fall taking senior pictures!  I thought I had better share some of them here!  Being Senior and having your Senior portraits done is such a special time!  I love to get to know each senior, and their different personalities and interests!

Grand Rapids Senior Pictures:

It was such an honor to photograph Sophie.  I have photographed her for many years… not quite sure how many, but probably eight or nine.  I can not believe she is now a senior!  Sophie started her senior portrait session in Grand Rapids.  We decided on a beautiful garden setting.  Sophie plays water polo and swims for Hudsonville High School.  So, of course we wanted to show case that!  We headed to her friends pool, and finished the evening with her swim and water polo pictures!

Grand Rapids Senior Pictures

Cascade Senior Pictures:

I have known Olivia since she was born!  I have had the privilege of watching her grow into a fine young woman.  Olivia’s started her session at our studio in Grandville.  Olivia plays the violin, and wanted to incorporate that into her indoor portion of her senior portraits.  After our studio portion, we headed to a park in Cascade where she just shined!  After the park in Cascade, we finished up at the Cascade fire department.  Olivia is in the Explorer program at the Cascade fire department.  She comes from a family of fire fighters.  Her dad and brother are both fire fighters.

Cascade Senor Pictures


Grand Rapids Senior Pictures:

I love photographing Kari’s senior portraits!  First off, we share a name.  Kari loves fashion! So, she had a car full of fun clothes and shoes as we headed to Grand Rapids for her session.  We stared her session at a garden area.  It was a perfect evening!  Kari wanted something a little out of the ordinary, that not a lot of seniors did.  So, she decided on a twilight session on the Grand Rapids skyline.  We headed downtown, and waited for the sun to go down, and for the sky to get to just the right color… It was beautiful!
Grand Rapids night senior pictures



Jaxyn | Grand Rapids Senior Pictures

Jaxyn is starting his senior year at West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids.  Jaxyn wanted something a little different than most kids he goes to school with for his senior pictures.  After meeting with him at the planning meeting, we decided on a Downtown “City Lights” session in Grand Rapids, as well as a session in the studio.  We had a lot of fun bringing in some of Jaxyn’s hobbies into the session.  He brought his DJ equipment, his flight bag, and even his dog.  (Who is so cute by the way!)  We were a little surprised to find an event taking place on the Lawn of the Gerald R For Museum when we got there, but we just kept walking, and found some other great spots to photograph in.  I hope you have a GREAT senior year Jaxyn!  Congratulations class of 2016!

Grand Rapids Senior Pictures

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