Portrait Session Information

**Portrait sessions are available Monday through Friday. Saturdays are reserved for weddings, and Sundays are reserved for worship and family time.**

Session Tips

We at Kari Douma Photography will customize a session specifically suited to you, your child, or your family. Your session will be laid back and fun! The session can either be indoors at the studio, or outdoors at the location of your choice.

We will schedule your ordering appointment approximately two weeks after your session. At that time we will show you the proofs from your session on our large projection screen at our studio, and we’ll help you choose your favorite images to display in your home. All prints that you order during this appointment will quality for a 20% discount! (Albums, cards, and specialty items do not qualify for the discount).


  • Take care when choosing what to wear.  Think about the colors in your home, and what you’d like to see displayed on your walls. The clothing you select should fit your personality and style, but not be too “trendy”. Remember you’re going to be displaying these images for years, and a timeless look is always in style!
  • Solid colors photograph the best. Avoid stripes, plaids, logos, and large or bold patterns. They distract from the focus of the person.
  • Darker clothing typically minimizes body size and light tones tend to emphasize body size. Avoid white tops as the white washes out the face on mid to light skin, and gives a stark contrast to dark skin.
  • Elbow length or long sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended. Short sleeves and sleeveless attract too much attention on the arms and away from the faces.
  • Coordinate your clothing selection from head to toe choosing appropriate shoes and socks for full-length poses. Bare feet are fun for children of all ages unless a more formal look is desired (but remember you might want to “spruce up” your feet before the session).
  • Necklines are important. A “vee” or scoop neck is more flattering if your face is full or your neck is short. A turtleneck or high-necked top is better if your face is slender or your neck is long. •Bring along make-up and hair grooming items for touch ups.
  • If there is threatening weather forecasted for the day of your outdoor session, please call us to discuss options. We can reschedule your session for another day, or move your outdoor session to our indoor studio if you’d like to keep the same date and time.

Family Portraits

  • Coordinate your attire from head to toe, selecting appropriate shoes and socks for full-length poses. When selecting clothing for group pictures keep in mind that solid colors look better than prints, stripes or plaids. It is good to pick out 2-3 colors as a theme that everyone will wear. You can pick any combination of colors that coordinate, and your group portrait will look its best if you coordinate this way.
  • During your family session you may have your entire family photographed together, as well as parents as a couple, and children individually and together. We strive to capture each one of you individually as well as together as a family.  We will discuss these options at your planning appointment.
  • A family group of 8 or less can be photographed in our studio if weather will not permit an outdoor session.

Newborn Session Tips

  • We prefer to photograph newborns within the first two weeks after they are born. Baby acne usually appears when they are between 2-3 weeks old, and they grow out of that cozy, sleepy stage so quickly! Once newborns are a few weeks old, they become more alert and aware of their environment, and may take longer to settle into the session, which may not allow us to capture as many images. We do love to photograph babies of all ages, but the first two weeks are optimal for those oh so adorable sleepy baby images!
  • We recommend that you schedule your planning meeting 1-2 months before your due date so we can make plans for the session before your baby arrives! If you have a scheduled delivery date we can schedule your newborn session at that time, otherwise you can call us when your baby arrives to set up a session during the following week or two.
  • Most of the newborn session , we will photograph the baby without clothing. Before you come in for their session, dress them in loose fitting socks and a one piece sleeper (nothing with an elastic waistband that will leave a mark on their skin). Bring along a blanket so we can wrap them up between background set ups. We do keep the studio VERY warm (80 degrees, no matter what the weather is outside) so they will stay cozy and warm during the entire session! If you would like to have them photographed in a special outfit, it’s best to choose something basic in a soft color (not too dark) without a collar and not too loose fitting (which will bunch up and may block their face or cover their hands or feet). The more simple the outfit, the more noticeable your baby’s sweet little face will be!
  • Many new mommies are not thrilled with being photographed the first week or two after having a baby, but we really recommend you have a few close up images captured of you and your beautiful new baby. (Since this really is the only time they will be this little, now is the time to capture these precious moments!) We will use our photography knowledge and skill to pose and light you in a way that is very flattering, and helps you look your best! It’s best to wear a long sleeve black shirt so when we photograph you with your baby, your faces will be the focus of the attention in the portrait. This also helps us when we are photographing the detail shots of your baby, so when you’re holding them, all we see is their sweet little hands and feet!
  • Generally we schedule 1-3 hours for a newborn session. We allow plenty of time for you feed and change your baby before and during the different set ups if needed. Since we will keep the studio nice and toasty warm (80 degrees) during the session, so feel free to wear light clothing so you’ll be comfortable during the session (you can bring separate clothes to be photographed in).

Especially for Children

  • With young children I do not like to use too many props. I like the portrait to be simple, to put emphasis on the child, not the props. With that said, some props are nice. I do have a small selection of props at the studio, but if you would like something particular, please bring it along. You could bring something that is special to the child, such as a favorite toy or blanket. This is part of who they are at this time in their life!
  • I will be very patient with your child. Children don’t always “sit and smile” just perfectly. Don’t worry about this. I like to take a more carefree approach. I talk and play with them, acting silly and laughing with them. Together with parent participation, we will capture natural expressions, playing and laughing.
  • Please bring along at least one extra outfit in case of an accident.

Maternity Session Tips

  • When picking out clothing for pictures keep it very basic. Most of these photographs will be black and white. White clothing is good for that dreamy look. Good things to bring along are black and/or white solid colored button up shirts, black and/or white solid colored tube tops, black pants, jeans, and black and/or white solid colored undergarments.
  • Try not to wear clothing that is too tight to the session. This causes marks on your skin, and we want your skin to look as smooth as possible. If you do happen to get a few marks, don’t worry, I can digitally enhance your skin to look smoother.
  • If the baby’s father is to be in the portraits, make sure his clothing matches yours and is very basic. Again, black and white is best for him also.
  • Feel free to bring along any special props, like a new teddy bear for the baby. If you know the sex of your baby, you can bring along an appropriate colored stuffed animal, booties, or blanket.

Executive Business Portraits

  • We have several options for your executive portrait.  We offer a 15 minute session in the studio that includes one digital file for your website, social media, or advertising needs.  Other options include us coming to your location to photograph your employees or your office/workplace.  Please call for details and options.
  • We can create different looks for your business portrait.  We can create a traditional formal business portrait, or we can create something more relaxed and modern.
  • Darker colors typically photograph better than lighter colors for business portraits.