Senior Session Information

You are a big part of creating your portrait!  This portrait needs to portray who you are.  If you have a creative idea for an image, please let me know!

Don’t worry about a breakout with your face before a session. If you have a breakout, a small cut, or a bruise, I can alter it digitally. This is far better than you trying to fix the problem and making it more red or swollen, or covered with too much makeup.  If you are concerned about something extreme, let me know and we can reschedule your session.

Make-up helps you look and feel your best for your session!  Would you like a beauty consultant to help you with make-up application?  For only $30 you can schedule your session to include make-up, and you won’t be disappointed!  Don’t worry, our beauty consultant will help you look your best, adjusting to any taste and style.

If you have a friend you would like in a few pictures with you, just let me know!

If you are involved in band, a sport, or club that is important to you, bring your instrument, uniform, or equipment with you. If you want a photograph with something large such as a car or horse, please let me know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

Many glasses reflect light and cause “spots” on the portrait.  Sometimes this can be corrected in a photo editing program, but it is best not to war them, or to speak with your optometrist on how to quickly remove the lenses.  Also, be aware of transition lenses, they will appear dark if worn outdoors.

We schedule photo sessions well in advance of the actual date.  Sunburns, peeling skin and tan lines do not photograph well.  Please be careful and work towards an even skin tone for the best look (natural or even tan).

Weather conditions for outdoor sessions is critical.  Your outdoor session will be scheduled at a time of day that is right for the lighting conditions on the location of your choice.  Cloud cover and overcast days are fine.  In the case of bad weather, we ask that you contact the studio to confirm your outdoor session.  Even if there is a thunderstorm during the day, it does not necessarily man your portraits can not be taken that day, some of the best portraits have been taken after a storm.